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O'Reilly Auto receipt template

Receipt for parts, tools, supplies, equipment, and accessories. Edit quickly and download instantly. O'Reilly Auto Parts is a leading retailer and supplier of automotive aftermarket parts, tools, supplies, equipment, and accessories. Customers who purchase items from O'Reilly Auto Parts receive a receipt that serves as proof of the transaction and is vital for several post-purchase situations. Below is an overview of what a typical O'Reilly Auto receipt includes and how it is used.

Purpose of an O'Reilly Auto Receipt

  • Returns and Exchanges: The receipt is necessary to return or exchange items within O'Reilly's return policy timeframe.
  • Warranty Claims: Many auto parts come with warranties, and the receipt is required to validate the purchase for warranty-related services or replacements.
  • Expense Management: For individuals and businesses, receipts are essential for tracking expenses related to vehicle maintenance and repairs.
  • Record Keeping: Receipts serve as a transaction record for personal accounting or business bookkeeping.

Contents of an O'Reilly Auto Receipt

  • Store Information: The address and contact details of the O'Reilly Auto Parts store where the purchase was made.
  • Transaction Details: Date and time of the transaction, along with the cashier's name and register number.
  • Itemized Purchases: A detailed list of items purchased, including part numbers,

descriptions, quantities, unit prices, and total cost for each item.

  • Payment Summary: The subtotal, any applied discounts or coupons, taxes, and the total amount paid.
  • Payment Method: The type of payment used, such as credit card, debit card, cash, or check, often with the last four digits of the card number if applicable.
  • Warranty Information: Details of any applicable warranties for the purchased items.
  • Return Policy: Clear instructions on how to return or exchange items, including any time limits or special conditions.
  • Loyalty Program: Information related to O'Reilly's loyalty program, O'Rewards, if the customer is a participant, including points earned from the transaction.

O'Reilly Auto's Business Operations

O'Reilly Auto Parts operates retail stores across the United States and serves customers through its online platform, offering a wide range of automotive products and services.

Obtaining a Duplicate Receipt

  • In-Store: Customers can visit the store where the purchase was made and request a duplicate receipt. It's helpful to provide the date of purchase and payment method details.
  • Online Account: If the purchase was made online or if the customer is an O'Rewards member, they can log in to their account on the O'Reilly Auto Parts website to access and print a copy of the receipt.
  • Customer Service: By contacting O'Reilly Auto Parts' customer service via phone or email and providing purchase details, a customer may request a duplicate receipt.

O'Reilly Auto Parts receipts are an important document for customers, providing essential details about their purchases and facilitating easy returns, exchanges, and warranty services. Customers are encouraged to keep their receipts safe, but O'Reilly offers multiple ways to retrieve a duplicate if necessary.

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