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Walmart Receipt Template 02

Walmart, as one of the largest retail chains worldwide, issues thermal POS (Point of Sale) register receipts that include a QR code for easy access to digital copies and other customer service features. Here's a brief overview of the typical Walmart thermal receipt and how customers can utilize it.

Purpose of a Walmart Receipt
  • Proof of Purchase: Essential for returns, exchanges, and warranty claims.
  • Price Matching: Some Walmart stores offer price matching; the receipt is used to verify the purchase price.
  • Expense Tracking: Customers use receipts to keep track of spending and budgeting.
  • Savings Catcher: Customers can scan the QR code to compare prices and get potential refunds via Walmart’s Savings Catcher program.

Contents of a Walmart POS Receipt

  • Store Information: Location, address, and phone number of the Walmart store.
  • Transaction Details: Date, time, and the unique transaction number of the purchase.
  • Itemized List: Detailed list of items purchased with descriptions, quantities, and prices.
  • Payment Summary: Total cost, taxes, savings, and payment method used.
  • QR Code: A scannable code that links to the digital version of the receipt and may be used with Walmart’s services.
  • Return Policy: Instructions and timeframe for returning items.

Walmart's Reach

Walmart operates thousands of stores across the United States and has a significant international presence, offering in-store and online shopping experiences.

Obtaining a Duplicate Receipt

  • Customer Service: Visit the Customer Service desk at any Walmart store with your transaction details for assistance in obtaining a duplicate receipt.
  • Walmart Account: If you paid using Walmart Pay or have a account, you may find a digital version of your receipt logged in your account history.
  • QR Code: Scanning the QR code on the original receipt may provide a digital copy if available.

Walmart's thermal receipts with QR codes enable customers to easily access transaction details and utilize post-purchase services offered by the company.

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